Experience World-Class Craftsmanship

Duvall Leatherwork is an artisan based company specializing in prototyping & manufacturing finished leather goods for wholesale and retail sales. We operate a full manufacturing facility that is capable of die cutting, machine & hand sewing, fabrication, and materials sourcing for contract manufacturing.  Our world class craftsmanship is renowned for its attention to detail, unsurpassed customer service, and reasonable lead times.

Every day, right here in Kingston Pennsylvania we hand make, hand sew, and hand finish every product we sell. The work performed is extremely labor intensive and takes a well trained artisan many, many hours just to complete one product.  We believe that handmade should really be handmade and it’s what we do best at Duvall Leatherwork.

Leather Sourcing

A fine piece of leather is like no other man made material on earth. Its characteristics can only be unlocked by the craftsman using the hides to produce finished products. The craftsmen’s result is a piece of art that shows its owner time and time again why they took the extra step to purchase a handcrafted product.

Duvall Leatherwork exclusively uses vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather (also called “Oak” or “Bark” tanned leather) is tanned using “tannins” which are extracted from tree bark and other plant materials. These naturally occurring “tannins” attach to the collagen fibers on a molecular level causing the raw hide to become less water soluble and more resistant to mold and bacteria decay. The end result is a firm yet flexible piece of leather which has a mellow, light tan color.

On average, Duvall Leatherwork cuts and processes approximately 3,000 square feet of vegetable tanned leather annually, sourced from tanneries around the globe. Some of the tanneries and brokers we deal directly with are “Wickett & Craig of America”, “Herman Oak Leather”, “J&E Sedgwick & Co. Ltd”, “Booth & Co. Inc.” and many more. All of the tanneries and brokers we deal with supply Duvall Leatherwork with the finest leather in the world. When you start with fine leather, the result is an amazing product.

Technique & Craftsmanship

Duvall Leatherwork is truly a unique place full of tools, machines, and busy with the sounds of a long gone era of industry. By hand, one at a time, here in Kingston Pennsylvania, we make every leather product we sell. Each item is born from hundreds of individual steps that create an end result few in our world can do today. What gives our products a unique style is our link to history. A vast portion of our business is reproducing 19th century military accoutrements and leather gear, which in turn, relays into a style of craftsmanship long lost to history but alive in everything we do.

Fine, tight hand stitching is a key focus of our immaculate products, not to mention our proper leather weights, exact hardware, and the sense of the “perfect hand” or feel and visual representation of the products we love to make. Duvall Leatherwork is where you still can “Experience World Class Craftsmanship”.

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