About Us

The Duvall Leatherwork story is a classic, all-American archetype of how to turn your passion and lifelong hobby into a successful, growing business. Founded in 2005,  master craftsman Nick Duvall and his team built a bustling workshop creating truly amazing handmade leather goods. We invite you to enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them, and thank you for buying American-made.

It’s 8:30 in the morning …

… and sewing machines already hammer away back in the shop where workers assemble wallets for private label contracts. Between stitches, crew members banter back and forth with each other.

It’s a typical morning at Duvall Leatherwork, in Kingston, Pennsylvania, where designers and artisans make fine leather goods – personal accessories for men and women, including belts, wallets and bags. They’re durable for everyday use, yet uniquely elegant for a lasting impression.

Fine leather wallets being sewn together.

Out front, leather pieces wait on broad workbenches to be built into bags, dog leashes and collars. The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” plays over the house speakers. Jonathan Williams, shop supervisor, sips his café americano from a clear glass mug as he pops back and forth between the design shop and production floor. Shop owner and founder Nick Duvall reviews repair work orders that need to be finished before ducking into his little office just off the production floor.

Bison leather being split to an exacting thickness for bi-fold wallet production.

Nick grew up in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, a little town a few miles north of the Maryland border. As a kid, he carved leather scraps with tools his dad gave him. He didn’t know it then, but the fascination would never leave him. While other kids traded baseball cards, he laid a foundation for his craft. He learned technique as an apprentice, though years passed before he made leathercraft his livelihood. He moved to Northeast Pennsylvania to study land surveying, but the workbench always drew him back. He left the field to open Duvall Leatherwork Jan. 1, 2005.

Master craftsman Nick Duvall

Learn more about Nick and the team’s philosophy here.

Good leather

You know it when you feel it.
You depend on it day after day because every time you snap a belt buckle into place or reach into your pocket for your wallet, it feels exactly the same.

Fine leather ready to be cut

Years soften the surface, make it more supple and smooth, but it performs the way it was designed to, and that’s what you like about it. That’s why you bought it in the first place. The artisans at Duvall Leatherwork know that feeling, too.
We chase it every day.

What we do

Unlike other leather goods sellers, we make everything by hand in our Pennsylvania shop. We don’t outsource. Ever. In fact, other companies call us for private label manufacturing.

Die cutting leather parts

Here are just a few things you’ll find at Duvall Leatherwork:

  • We have a wide selection of men’s wallets and card cases of varying shapes and styles to suit your exact need for an everyday carry.
  • If you’re looking for a belt, take your time. Pick the right one. This one might be the last belt you ever buy.
  • Our women’s handbags and carry goods are versatile, durable and thoughtfully designed for utility and elegance.
  • Check out our shop to see more of what we offer.


We source our hides from the world’s finest tanneries, including Wickett & Craig of America, Hermann Oak Leather and the Clayton Leather Group. Our suppliers also include Booth & Co. Inc. and Tusting & Burnett Ltd. We choose from both vegetable and chrome tanned leathers, selecting material that suits the product and how you’re going to use it.

Skins ready to be cut into handmade wallets.