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5Nov 2023

Duvall’s Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Men in 2023

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3 Traits of a Sensible Holiday Gift Buyer Sensible holiday gift buyers have three traits. They pace themselves and start early. They pick gifts that have meaning and add value to someone’s life. They understand the difference between great quality and the opposite. With that gift buyer in mind, here’s our top 10 leather gifts for men for the 2023 holiday gift-giving season. 1. A men's gift for the fastidious documentarian Journal Cover in Bison Leather It’s simple, functional [...]

5Nov 2023

Duvall Leather’s 2023 Top 10 Gifts for Women

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Holiday Gift Requirements: Unique, Inspiring and Purposeful Leather gifts aren’t quite like other gifts. A memorable gift should be unique, stimulate the senses and have a purpose. You’d be set if the thing you gave the woman on your list achieves just one of those. Gifts from Duvall check all those boxes. Leather looks, feels and smells incredible. Senses? Check. Each design comes from the bench of Master Craftsman Nick Duvall. Skilled artisans build each piece in our Pennsylvania [...]

15Aug 2023

Duvall Leather to Open Second Retail Location in Clarks Summit

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CLARKS SUMMIT, Aug. 15, 2023 —  Duvall Leather proudly announces its second retail location in Clarks Summit, Lackawanna County. The store will open at 320 S. State St. in early September with a formal grand opening celebration planned for Sept. 15 and 16. Founder and owner Nick Duvall says, “I’m thrilled to now be a part of the downtown Clarks Summit business scene. It’s a beautiful community offering a thriving business culture. We’re excited to open our doors to the [...]

1Jul 2023

The Ultimate Duvall Leatherwork Belt-Fit Guide

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The Ultimate Duvall Leatherwork Belt-Fit Guide We have a pretty reliable way to make sure you get a belt that fits the first time. But buying and wearing a belt is way more complicated than picking the right size. You need to think about the strap width, the buckle material, the length at the end. A belt fit is like a clean car. Nobody notices when it’s perfect. They notice the hot mess. Don’t buckle a hot mess around [...]

10Nov 2022

Duvall Runway Show

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Runway Fashion Show 2022 See our best-selling bags in action on the runway. The best leather bag for any occasion.   The Charlene Purse: Upgrade any look with this leather bag.     The Charlene Purse in Pale Oak and Caramel   The Charlene Purse in Patent Black and Bay Brown   The Petite Charlene: Meet the Mini The best way to carry your essentials in style for a night out. This cute mini bag can be styled with a [...]

1Sep 2022

How Do You Make Leather Last Forever?

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How Do You Make Leather Last Forever? Whenever we buy a new leather piece, we make a little deal with it. Here’s how it goes:  If we give a little effort to take care of it, the leather belt or wallet or handbag, shoes or couch or auto interior, is going to work like it’s supposed to — and one day become even better than when we bought it. This deal might last for years, and in some cases generations. [...]

25Aug 2022

The Mini Backpack Won’t Quit

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The Mini Backpack Won’t Quit From wide-leg jeans to babydoll tees, nostalgic ’90s fashion trends are making a major comeback. But one iconic style stands out among the rest: the mini backpack. These adorable bags were the must-have accessory of the era, and since then, they’ve had real staying power. Combining the fashionable, polished look of a purse and the utility of a backpack, this bag is simply a wardrobe staple. Duvall Leatherwork has put a fresh, modern update on [...]

26Jul 2022

Top 3 Lessons I Learned From Scaling Up Duvall Leatherwork

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Duvall Leatherwork Founder and Master Craftsman Nick Duvall reflects on the past year after moving production out of his small, main street shop into a full-size workshop and expanding his retail storefront. Reflection is hard for me. I’ve always been a big picture, forward thinking kind of person. Thinking back on the past year, I write this with a smile on my face just reminiscing about all the obstacles, laughs and hard work. July 2021 to July 2022 has brought [...]

7Jul 2022

A Modern Take on the Slouch Bag

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Leather slouch purses are one of this year’s hottest handbag trends. Trust us, this purse is so versatile, functional and stylish, it’s going to be your new favorite. Duvall Leatherwork has reimagined the classic slouch bag with a modern, fashion-forward twist. We love the challenge of designing original handbags, and the slouch bag was no exception. This style needed to capture the soft, cushy silhouette of a classic slouch purse yet stand up to everyday wear and tear. We honed [...]

30Jun 2022

How to clean leather, the right way!

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How do you clean leather the right way? How to clean leather is a topic we get asked a lot, as long as you don’t abuse your leather goods, they will last with little maintenance and just get better with age. That’s part of what makes leather so incredible. But just like your car needs an oil change and your laundry needs washing, you want to thoroughly clean and condition your leather goods every few months. How do you know [...]


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