6Mar 2020

Top 5 Gifts for Him and Her: Three-Year Anniversary Ideas from Duvall Leatherwork

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Anyone who’s marked their three-year anniversary knows it. You don’t hit the three-year milestone without some bumps and scratches. You don’t come this far without stretching a little and working in a few creases and grooves. Wear points get worn down a little more. You soften, learn gentleness, beauty and comfort. You prove your durability. Sounds like we just described your marriage, now three years in the making, or we could just be talking about fine leather goods. We think [...]

19Feb 2020

Did you catch us on WNEP-TV’s Home & Backyard?

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Duvall Leatherwork appeared on WNEP-TV's Home & Backyard earlier this month. Master Craftsman Nick Duvall showed Jackie Lewandoski how we carefully select the finest materials to make our authentic leather women's shoulder bags. Check it out! We put a lot of effort and attention to detail when producing high-quality, American-made leather goods that are designed to last a lifetime.

19Feb 2020

An ode to the stitching horse, a tool we use every day making genuine leather belts

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Some things were made to last forever, and this time we’re not exactly talking about premium leather. We devoted this blog to the faithful stitching horse we use to assemble our fine leather belts. Duvall Leatherwork owner and master craftsman Nick Duvall picked up the antique tool at an auction in New York years ago. It's earned a permanent place in our repertoire of tools. It’s weathered and worn, and shows signs that it’s been through some serious repair, [...]