Men's Leather Bags

A Men’s Leather Bag: Equal Parts Sophisticated and Rugged

Premium Leather

A quality men’s leather bag has to check a few boxes if it’s going to do what you expect it to. It needs to be rough and rugged. It needs to look sophisticated. It needs to age well and develop character the more you use it.

When quality materials go first, everything after that comes easier. Starting with the best leather sets the tone for all the steps after that. At Duvall Leatherwork, we all hold a deep respect for quality materials. We think quality leather demands to be treated a certain way, so we take extra care when cutting, assembling and finishing our premium leather men’s bags.

For starters, we use premium top grain cowhide, tanned and finished to withstand years of use. Top grain cowhide leather is ultra durable and ages wonderfully with patina and character. The suede or flesh side is the textured part you feel on the inside of the bag. The grain or hair side is what goes on the outside; it’s the part that gets burnished and shiny smooth the more you use it.

Time-tested methods

From 20 plus years of experience in the leather goods industry, designer and craftsman Nick Duvall has developed Duvall Leatherwork’s signature look and reputation for quality. He knows how leather twists and folds. He knows how it ages and how to reinforce wear points so that users get the most use and life out of each piece.

That knowledge Mr. Duvall comes from over 200,000 hours of professionally working with leather. But crafting stunning personal accessories also takes an innate knack and an artistic eye. The crafters at Duvall Leatherwork have both — experience working with one of the most durable, useful materials of all time and an appreciation for what makes beautiful leather goods.

Deconstructing the men’s leather bag

The leather colors and finishes make each style distinct, but the construction is identical across all bags. When you design something that works, best not to mess with the formula. Each men’s leather bag has the same key elements including hardware, an inside pocket, an outside newspaper pocket and a sturdy leather strap.

Let’s break it down.


Hardware After picking premium top grain leather for our men’s leather bags, the hardware must be up to the challenge. Quality hardware jangles and clacks a certain way; you know it when you hear it. On Duvall’s men’s leather bags, we use wide flat rivets on the strap and along the top spine of the bag, where the flap hinges to the rest of the bag. The buckle and clasps are all made with sturdy metal that ages beautifully with the leather.
Inside pocket The roomy inside pocket has a sturdy YKK zipper and pen sleeves on the outside. Slip your valuables and small items in here and keep them neatly separated from the bulk items.
Leather strap and handle This part of the Duvall men’s leather bag takes the most abuse. So we make it with, you guessed it, more top grain leather. An adjustable shoulder pad makes it comfortable to carry, and the buckle lets you adjust the strap length. Swivel clasps let you remove the strap altogether.

With a leather handle, the leather bag becomes an on-trend leather briefcase or makes it easy to grab and go.

The Men’s Leather Bag break-in period

If you’ve never felt brand new, quality leather goods, the first time can be a little strange. New leather feels surprisingly stiff and rigid. That’s because it needs to break in. The leather break-in period happens when you make your leather belt, bag or wallet your own. This is the part where the story begins. Depending on how you use it, your leather bag might achieve a soft and supple feel in a month or two. If you’re gentler, and don’t sling it over your shoulder as often, your bag might hold that stiffer feel for much longer. Over time, you’ll get to know your leather goods. You’ll learn to appreciate the responsive, graceful aging process.

A premium men’s leather bag is the kind of personal accessory you want to buy only once, and then never have to think about it again. It’s something you’ll look at proudly and grab confidently every time you need it. How many other types of personal accessories offer that kind of satisfaction?


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