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(Black Bridle Leather)


Being uniquely individual doesn’t always mean being flashy. Sometimes subtlety can make a statement without saying a word. With this idea in mind, we set out to design a belt that silently stands out. We created the Blackout waist belt – a mixture of quiet strength and solid construction, this belt captures the essence of a subtle statement. Handcrafted from heavy American tanned English Bridle Leather and sporting a black roller buckle, you can rest assured this belt will get noticed.

This American tanned English Bridle Leather belt is made entirely by American hands in our Pennsylvania workshop. The Blackout waist belt is 1-1/2” wide and is sized to order. Use our sizing guide to correctly measure yourself for your new handmade belt.

Wrongfully measured waist size returns are subject to our RETURNS & EXCHANGE policy.


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The most accurate way to measure yourself for an everyday belt is to measure your current belt from inside the buckle all the way down to the adjustment hole you most often use. The overall length of the belt means absolutely nothing to us, so please, never supply that measurement.


Another way of measuring yourself is to add two inches to the waist size of the pants you currently wear. For example if you wear size 36 Levi’s, then order the size 38 belt.

Our belts are sized to fit, one at a time. The measurement you provide will be the size the belt is made. If it does not fit because of poor measurement, we require a 15% return fee.