Magnetic Card Case(Vintage Brown)

///Magnetic Card Case(Vintage Brown)

Magnetic Card Case(Vintage Brown)


If you carry cash and credit cards, the Magnetic Card Case is the perfect pocket wallet. This card case will fit approximately nine credit cards comfortably and features a pair of heavy duty magnets to securely hold cash. These magnets will not affect your credit cards. Constructed of thin, yet firm goatskin imported from England, this Magnetic Card Case is handmade in our Pennsylvania workshop and will faithfully serve you for years to come.

4-3/8″ x 2-7/8″ x 3/4″


  1. Phil S.

    I bought this wallet after having many store-bought wallets slowly fall apart on me. I had the intention of going minimalist and only carrying a few cards, but life doesn’t seem to favor that option – luckily this wallet can comfortably hold more cards than I expected. The magnetic clip has not failed me even once and it can handle a decent amount of cash. I’m very pleased with this wallet and look forward to having it age gracefully and getting many many years of use out of it.

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