Fancy Bells 2 DL

Holiday Sleigh Bell Door Hanger

Our Classic Christmas Decoration

The Duvall Leatherwork holiday sleigh bell door hanger will most certainly become a cherished Christmas heirloom.  Sleigh bells are classic pieces of Americana, synonymous with the Christmas season. Their unmistakable sounds can warm your winter home with soft notes of Christmas cheer.  Imagine your family or holiday guests opening your front door on a cold winters night to hear the warm sounds of authentic sleigh bells.  Truly an unforgettable experience.

When we set out to make our sleigh bell door hanger, we wanted to make something well-crafted that could be passed down through generations. We started with solid cast brass sleigh bells, five different sizes to create an amazing sound that only quality sleigh bells will make.

The bell set is made of sewn double-ply English Bridle Leather with an oversized ring that fits on any door knob or fireplace mantle without scratching what it touches. You’ll let the magic and mystery of Christmas into your home this holiday season every time our sleigh bell door hanger jingles.

Entirely handcrafted in our Pennsylvania workshop by skilled craftsmen, the sleigh bell door hanger is ultra classy. It truly makes a wonderful holiday or house warming gift.  These sleigh bell door hangers are seasonal, available only in October, November, and December.




  • Solid cast brass sleigh bells
  • Five different size bells to give a wonderful unique sound
  • Solid brass heavy duty hanging ring large enough to fit over door knobs
  • Double ply leather so sleigh bells will not scratch your door
  • Genuine full grain US tanned english bridle leather
  • Dimensions:  23.5″ Long (Ring tip to Leather tip) x 2.25″ Wide
  • 100% handcrafted in Pennsylvania to last a lifetime