Women's Leather Bags

A Different Kind of Women’s Leather Bag

Major fashion houses need to cycle out women’s leather bag styles and designs to stay relevant. At Duvall, we think there’s a better way, and it starts with proven concepts that don’t get old easily.

When we design women’s leather bags, we start with timeless shapes and techniques. Next, we pick exquisite leather and fine hardware. A leather bag can be almost anything. It just needs to close and hold stuff, but we’re after so much more than that. The way you shape it and assemble and finish it makes all the difference between a women’s bag that cycles out after a year or two, and one that transcends time and looks simply amazing no matter what’s in vogue.
More components give you more possible points of failure. With that in mind, Duvall’s collection of women’s leather bags, purses and clutches are stunning for their simplicity.

For the most part, subtle flourishes like zipper tabs, brass rivets or standing feet give each one its distinct character, the kind that you’ll find only in Duvall products. But sometimes, those flourishes aren’t so subtle. For example, the Charlene Purse in crimson red and black leather, one of the most stunning in Duvall’s portfolio of women’s leather bags, copies the distinct Duvall shape, but then builds on it with complementary colored leather tones in the strap, at the bottom and in the trim around the exterior zip pocket.

Premium Leather

When crafting timeless women’s leather bags, just like building a home, we begin with a foundation. When quality materials go first, everything after that comes easier. Starting with the best leather sets the tone for all the steps after that. At Duvall, we all hold a deep respect for quality materials. We think quality leather demands to be treated that way, so we take extra care when cutting, assembling, sewing and finishing our women’s leather bags.

For starters, we use only the best cowhide for women’s leather bags. That includes even some of the most distinct and vibrant bags, like the Safari Print Tote Bag with its wild stripe pattern, or the patent black and bay brown leather Charlene Purse, glistening like melted dark chocolate. These leathers may come from tanneries and suppliers all over the world, but they all go through the same rigorous review process to ensure quality and lasting style.

Time-tested methods

From 20 plus years of experience in the leather goods industry, designer & craftsman Nick Duvall has developed Duvall Leatherwork’s signature look and reputation for quality. He knows how leather twists and folds. He knows how it ages and how to reinforce wear points so that users get the most use and life out of each piece.

That knowledge Mr. Duvall has come from over 200,000 plus hours of professionally working with leather. But crafting stunning personal accessories also takes an innate knack and an artistic eye. The crafters at Duvall Leatherwork have both — experience working with one of the most durable, useful materials of all time and an appreciation for what makes beautiful leather goods.

Types of leather bags for women

Now that you’ve got the materials, the style and the craftsmanship, let’s look at what types of women’s bags you’ll find here at Duvall Leatherwork.



They’re handily the most popular and most versatile of women’s bags at Duvall Leatherwork. They come in standard and large sizes.


Simple and elegant, more of what you picture when you think “purse,” with squared bottoms and four metal feet.


Cool and hip with solid ring hardware that fastens a single leather strap and a tidy exterior pocket.


It’s the ultimate day-trip bag with a solid bottom, four metal feet and tons of room inside.


Crossbody bags fit an on-the-go lifestyle. They’re versatile, and meant to be worn over the shoulder messenger-style. The Leather Crossbody Bag, the Flop Over Crossbody Bag and the Mini Flop Over Crossbody Bag are all in this category.


Utterly minimalist clutch bags are big enough for the essentials without being too bulky.


It’s like a purse for your purse, and not necessarily just for makeup (though that’s what we designed it for). With lots of fun colors, Cosmetic Bags are great for travel or your makeup touch-up kit.

The Leather Bag Break-in Period

If you’ve never felt brand new, quality leather goods, the first time could be a little strange. New leather feels surprisingly stiff and rigid. That’s because it needs to break in. The leather break-in period is the part where you make your leather belt, bag or wallet your own. This is the part where the story begins. Depending on how you use it, your leather bag might achieve a soft, supple and flexible feel in a month or two. If you don’t use it so often, your bag might hold that stiffer feel for much longer. There are ways to speed up this process, but honestly, time and regular use do a pretty good job. While it’s breaking, you’ll get to know your leather goods. You’ll learn to appreciate that responsive, graceful aging process.

Premium leather in purses (especially traditional colors) develops an unmistakable worn shine over time. There’s nothing quite like it. It gets soft, smooth and flexible, while still performing just as good as it did the day you brought it home. We’re not saying you have to stick with one purse for 10 years or more. Variety is the spice of life, after all. But if you wanted to, Duvall’s women’s leather bags are up for the challenge.


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