Shep’s 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil

///Shep’s 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil

Shep’s 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil


Shep’s 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil is an all-natural oil used to preserve, strengthen and provide waterproofing qualities to leather. Neatsfoot oil is ideal for shoes and boots, belts, saddles, horse tack, pet products and just about everything we make and sell at Duvall Leatherwork. Neatsfoot oil will darken leather and enhance colored leather. Neatsfoot oil should never be used on suede.

How to use neatsfoot oil:

A small amount of oil goes a long way, so be careful you don’t use too much. If you have any scrap leather, it may be a good idea to test on that. Pour a small amount of oil into a small container like a can. Touch the applicator, a sponge or a cloth, into the oil and then to the leather, working it in a circular motion. When you first apply the oil, it will penetrate quickly and the area will darken – it may be spotty and uneven. Don’t panic. Overlap the first application with a second. You will notice lighter areas that may need a little more oil.

As the oil penetrates, it will even out. After 24 hours, the dark color will lighten to its final tone. Be careful not to use too much neatsfoot oil. It will do more harm than good. You don’t want to soak your item in oil. It can actually take the life out of the leather, draw dirt into the open pores and sweat oil out in the hot sun.

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The majority of instances of damaged leather can be linked to misuse or incorrect care. Users sometimes allow their leathers to become dehydrated and brittle, either from drying wet leather near a heat source or by failing to clean or moisturize it sufficiently. Just as many people actually over-oil the leather. These common mistakes result in a radical change in the fibrous structure of the leather, weakening and distorting its substance. Most of the products made by Duvall Leatherwork are oiled and greased before you receive them. However, these products are available to help keep your leathers looking new for years to come.