The Bifold Wallet With ID Window
Bison Leather

(54 customer reviews)

The Bifold Wallet With ID Window
Bison Leather


(54 customer reviews)

The Quick Details:

  • Thin, compact and just the right size
  • Holds 7 to 24 cards
  • Roomy cash section
  • Clear ID pocket window
  • Full grain bison & cowhide leathers
  • Closed 4-1/2” x 3-1/2”
  • Open 9” x 3-1/2”


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Product Description

The Bifold Wallet With ID Window Bison Leather

A handmade leather wallet should be the most reassuring part of your pocket-pat routine. You know the one. It’s that dance you do when you’re rushing out the door and you grab all your pockets – phone, keys, wallet. Check.

Here at Duvall Leatherwork, we construct the bison leather bifold wallet with U.S. tanned bison leather on the outside. Then we pair it with thin, yet firm cowhide for the pockets inside. Comfortably seated in your back pocket, the bifold wallet with an ID window easily stores 7 to 24 credit cards and business cards, as well as U.S. currency for easy access. It has a clear ID window inside for quick access to your drivers license.

Our bison leather bifold wallets are made to serve you faithfully while keeping your cash and cards safely in place.

  • Thin, compact and just the right size
  • Holds 7 to 24 cards
  • Roomy cash section
  • Two extra card pockets behind ID flap
  • Reinforced construction
  • Clear ID pocket window
  • Bison leather tanned in the USA
  • Full grain cowhide leather
  • Sewn using bonded nylon thread
  • Easily fits in any pocket of men’s or women’s jeans
  • 100% handcrafted in Pennsylvania
  • Click here to learn more about how our quality leather wallets are made.

The Bifold Wallet With ID Window Bison Leather:

  • Feel: Textured, very masculine
  • Hand: Soft yet firm and self-holding
  • Appearance: Subtle matte finish, color varies because of its hand finished nature
  • Use results: Will become burnished shiny
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The Bifold Wallet With ID Window Dimensions:

  • Closed: 4-1/2” x 3-1/2”
  • Open: 9” x 3-1/2”

Best leather wallet promise to you …

The Duvall Leatherwork team of crafters are trained in-house to exceptional standards of precision and quality. Because we are an independent, and locally owned and operated leather goods company, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and customer service.

We have only our reputation, and really great handcrafted leather goods. We’ll defend them vigorously. Above all, what we make looks, feels and functions in ways that work no matter your aesthetic and lifestyle.

No RFID-blocking materials are used in our fine leather wallets. Click here to learn more about why you do not need an RFID-blocking wallet.

We will always …

  • Handcraft our leather goods in Kingston, Pennsylvania
  • Source the finest leather from around the world
  • Deliver all products that Master Craftsman Nick Duvall designs in-house
  • Triple inspect leather parts, stitching, hardware and finished goods
  • 100% guarantee on all parts, pieces and craftsmanship
  • 200% guarantee that this is the best full grain leather wallet you’ll ever buy
  • Stand behind our work and repair any product we make, no matter how old it is
  • Go out of our way to offer unsurpassed customer service


Duvall Leatherwork Wallet Return Policy

We’re committed to 100% customer satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with your wallet purchase for any reason, you may return it for store credit or refund within 30 days of the ship date.

Duvall Leatherwork return & exchange policy.

54 reviews for The Bifold Wallet With ID Window
Bison Leather

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  1. Nathan Matusek

    Beautiful leather cover. The stitching on this wallet is solid and I have no worries of it coming apart for at least the next 10 years. It holds all of my cards (8) and a wad of cash and my ID. The wallet only looks better with age too. I’ve had mine for about 7 months and it has broken in very well.

  2. George T Lomas

    Quality product better then expected

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks George! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  3. Chad B.

    I’ve only had the wallet for a week, so it’s not even broke in yet. The leather is much thicker than the cheap (Chinese) wallets I’ve had in the past. Ordering from their site was easy and I received the wallet in a few days. The packaging was simple but also nice.

    I was pleased to find a leathersmith in my state to support local business. This cost more than previous wallets, but I’m a firm believer in; you get what you pay for. From the looks of it, I’m sure it will hold up for many years to come.

    In short, I’m really impressed. It’s always nice to find quality craftsmanship. Good work!

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Chad! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  4. Matt

    Great wallet. My son loves it

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Matt! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  5. Andy Wertz

    Great quality.

  6. Adrienne

    The wallet is nice enough. I hope my husband likes it. However, the packaging is terrible – as in there isn’t ANY. It just came in this impossible to open a padded envelope, no box at all. If you spend around $100 for a wallet, you expect it to be in some sort of packaging – especially at Christmas. This is to be a gift. I was glad we got the wallet so quickly after ordering, but seriously, a little packaging and some care instructions or something.

    Also, it doesn’t smell like leather, but reeks of the oil used on the leather. I was very disappointed and doubt I buy anything else from this company.

  7. Mark Shiver

    Received this wallet as a Christmas gift and could not be happier, nice design, quality leather good stitching.

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Mark! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  8. Matt

    Just received the wallet in the mail and I must say I am impressed. The quality of the workmanship and materials are second to none. Their customer service is also prompt, courteous and very thoughtful. I am rough on wallets and I have a feeling that this one will outlast any other wallet I have owned. I am very satisfied with everything about my interaction with Duvall Leatherwork, including the packaging and shipping speed. This is a mans wallet, we take it out of what ever packaging it comes in and we throw it in our pockets. We are not concerned with petty things such as a box as a previous reviewer left. We are concerned with only 3 things.
    1) will it hold everything I need? In this case it sure does!
    2) will it hold up to years of being in and out of my pocket? Definitely feels like it will!
    3) will it look darn good every time I pull it out of my pocket? Triple check!

    Thanks for the awesome product and I wish you and your team a great 2021 and many many successful years to come! Cheers

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Matt for the kind words! We couldn’t be happier to have you as a customer!

  9. Anonymous

  10. Mike

    This bison wallet is of the highest caliber in terms of function and quality. Perfectly happy… five stars.

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Mike! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  11. Anonymous

  12. John C.

    When it came time to replace my wallet I knew I wanted something high quality and American made. I found the exact wallet I was looking for at Duvall. I ordered a Bison bifold and am extremely happy with it. It shipped quickly and the quality is top notch. It is also very slim and holds all my card securely. Highly recommended.

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks John! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  13. Jennifer

    Incredibly high quality. I am so impressed with how nice this wallet is.

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Jennifer! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  14. Clay S.

    Great product! The leather is sturdy as is the stitching.

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Clay! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  15. Jennifer D.

  16. Jeff Shultz


    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Jeff! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  17. Caroline W.

    My husband absolutely loves his wallet. I searched high and low for a full grain, high quality wallet that was minimalistic in design, but functional in having space for cards and cash. Most if not all that suited his purposes were highly polished, and didn’t suit my husband. He is more of a man’s man. He’s an electrician, and doesn’t want a wallet that looks like he works in a high rise somewhere in the city. This wallet was all that he was looking for and more. Plus, the quality and craftsmanship make certain that it’ll be around for a long time.

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Caroline! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  18. Jeffrey F.

    This wallet is a masterpiece of leather working. Very sturdy and I don’t know if it will ever wear out. It’s got enough storage for all my cards and cash and everything fits tight so there’s no need to worry about stuff falling out. Well worth the money.

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Jeffery! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  19. Landon R.

    This is the wallet I’ve been searching for. The stitching is clean and even, the leather is high quality, thick but flexible. I’ve had multiple people comment on it just based off seeing it sitting in my truck. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a leather wallet.

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Landon! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  20. Christie

    The wallet looks classy, feels great, and smells exquisite. Definitely well made with quality material. Absolutely love the item. And can’t wait to purchase more.

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Christie! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  21. William

    Lovely wallet. Be forwarned, though, the stitching in the picture does not match that on the wallet. Mine may have to come back.

  22. Gary

    This is the highest quality wallet I have ever owned. I should have bought sooner and not wasted money on cheaper wallets that only last for a year or so. You pay for what you get!

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Gary! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  23. Wade

    Great wallet! The quality is fantastic both the leather and the stitching! Would highly recommend

  24. Nicholas Policandriotes

  25. Tim W.

    The wallet was purchased to gift to my son for his high school graduation, and it gives the impression he will hit retirement with it. The wallet is incredibly handsome and exhibits impeccable craftsmanship. It absolutely oozes character, feels sturdy, and should break in beautifully. Time will tell, but out of the gate, I’ve never seen anything better. I will be purchasing more items from Duvall Leatherwork.

  26. Carolyn H.

    Great quality and design

  27. Cindy Holman

    This is a good price for the quality of craftsmanship you get.

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Cindy! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  28. Kirk

    Excellent product. Fast shipping. Quality is obvious. Thanks

    • Nick Duvall

      Thanks Kirk! We’re thrilled having another satisfied customer.

  29. Mathew

    Its great, best wallet ive ever owned.

  30. Kendale Warner

    I recently purchased the Bison wallet with ID. I was reluctant to spend that much on a wallet to begin with but I bought it anyway. The wallet is nice and appears to be well made, but it is not worth the price. I have had just as good of wallets for a lot less money.
    The ordering was easy and shipping was quick.

  31. Kevin

    Great quality!

  32. Brad R.

    I’m the type of person that will search out quality made in the USA products and I don’t mind paying more for them. This wallet doesn’t disappoint! So if you are like me don’t waste your money on junk wallets and just buy once. Thank you Duvall Leatherwork!

  33. Israel G.

    Happy for my purchase this one will last

  34. LOIS G.

    I got this for my husband for Christmas, he loves it, excellent quality.

  35. Kim T.

    My husband was so surprised with this fantastic wallet! Great quality and style!

  36. Selena D.

    Outstanding quality and customer service!

  37. john

    As an older fellow, I’ve had many, many wallets in my lifetime. This one is vastly superior to all of them. It’s spacious while compact, beautiful to the eye, and it has that great smell of high quality leather.

    I haven’t paid this much for a wallet before, but it’s hands-down, absolutely worth it.

  38. Joseph C.

    Love the wallet. The leather smells so good that I sometimes take it out of my pocket just to appreciate that. My only criticism is that it didn’t come with care instructions. I’d like to know what product Duvall recommends to keep the wallet in top condition.

  39. Lori

    Birthday present for my son. He loves it!

  40. Tyree Couts

    So far very happy with wallet.. waiting to see how long thread holds up against husband being very hard on stuff.. tired of buying wallets that don’t last 6 months .. so far so good.. thank u for a good wallet..

  41. Anonymous

    Very nice construction & Leather prepped well. Showed up faster than expected too! Very happy with my purchase… Just need more cash to fill it with!

  42. Dean H.

    Great billfold… very pleased with the quality. Thanks, dch

  43. Charles Grundell

    Excellent craftsmanship! Second wallet I’ve bought from this company and the quality is outstanding on both of them. You won’t be disappointed with any products purchased from this company.

  44. Madalyn L.

    I was looking for something with enough room to fit all my cards and something slender enough that there wasn’t a big bulge in my pocket like my previous wallet… this hit them both on the head! Couldn’t be happier!

  45. Nicolas A.

  46. Brandon H.

    Amazing quality, just like the picture. Very well made

    • Nick Duvall

      Brandon, thank you very much for your purchase and kind review. We hope you enjoy your wallet for years to come!

  47. Joshua Oyer

    Fantastic wallet. Purchased mine on July 12th of last year and not a single issue. Highly recommend!! Buy American!

    • Nick Duvall

      Joshua, it’s awesome to hear you’re loving your wallet one year later. Thanks for your review and buying American!

  48. Lori klein

    I ordered this for my husband’s birthday. I was tired of the generic wallets out there and felt this fit his rugged style. Yes. A bit pricier than many out there but you won’t find a thread of poor quality or subpar materials. This is the real thing and I feel it will only get better with wear!

    • Nick Duvall

      Lori, thank you for your purchase and review! We are glad to hear your husband is enjoying his new wallet, and it is built to last!

  49. Dayton

    I’ve had many wallets ranging from department store to custom made. This by far is the best wallet money can buy.

    • Nick Duvall

      Dayton, we are happy to hear you’re enjoying your bison bifold wallet! Thank you for buying American Made

  50. Kirby

    This wallet is awesome! It should last me a lifetime.

    • Nick Duvall

      Kirby, thanks for your awesome review! We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying your new wallet.

  51. Jonathan Z.

    Love it! Super high quality with excellent craftsmanship!

    • Nick Duvall

      Jonathan, thanks for this awesome review! We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying your new wallet and thanks for shopping American Made

  52. Karen O.

    Great customer service, received wallet within 3 days of ordering it, very well packaged I’m sure my Son will love his new wallet.

    • Nick Duvall

      Karen, thanks for purchasing from us and we hope your son is enjoying his new wallet!

  53. Jose Ferreira

    I was looking for a nice leather wallet and I found some different brands. But wanted something special with separated place for my ID and then the cards. Also, I was looking for a real leather and the Duvall Bison Leather called my attention first time I saw it. I did not buy it right way as still looking other sites. But always going back to look at this wallet. So, I decided to buy it. When I received the package, it was in a good box and well wrapped. I read a review that the package was not good for a wallet at this price. I have no complains about the package and the wallet was well wrapped and protected. It is really nice, excellent quality and looks fantastic. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks to Duvall Leatherwork team.

    • Nick Duvall

      Jose, thank you for your purchase and awesome review. We are always looking for ways to improve our packaging and shipping process, and have recently updated our packaging for shipping so we are happy to hear you were satisfied with the packaging. We’re glad that you chose to shop with us and hope you enjoy your wallet!

  54. Emily S.

    The craftsmanship is impeccable. This is exactly what my husband wanted in a wallet.

    • Nick Duvall

      Emily, thank you for your purchase and review! We’re happy to hear your husband is satisfied, we hope he enjoys it for many years.

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